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GOALS AND OBJECTIVES THAT WE COMMONLY ASSIST CLIENTS WITH: - assess your current financial situation - create a realistic plan to meet your financial goals - understand how to meet your financial and retirement goals - put your financial plan into action and monitor your progress - update your financial plan to grow with your changing needs and goals.

IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS, YOU WILL BENEFIT FROM A CONSULTATION WITH A FINANCIAL ADVISOR: - Confusion about conflicting financial advice and options - Paying too much income tax - Not saving enough for retirement - Not sure where to invest money - Changes in life that affect your financial future, such as a career change, marriage, retirement, loss of a spouse, birth of a child, etc - Not enough time to attend to personal financial affairs

FINANCIAL ADVISORS ARE LICENSED PROFESSIONALS WITH A BROAD BACKGROUND IN FINANCE AND ACT IN A FIDUCIARY CAPACITY : THEY CAN GUIDE YOU THROUGH SOME IMPORTANT LIFE DECISIONS : THEY CAN HELP MANAGE THE RISK INVOLVED IN MAKING DECISIONS THAT MAY PARALYZE MANY SUCH AS : What kind of retirement plan do I need - Am I paying too much in taxes? - How can I save money for retirement – tax free? - How much life insurance do I need? - How can I make sure my estate is left to family members, and does not get depleted by probate court and government taxes? - Can we afford college tuition for our children – and how do we save for this, knowing how much tuitions are spiraling?



Copyright Meadowbrook Wealth Management, LLC • As a Registered Investment Advisor, Meadowbrook Wealth Management, LLC aims to align appropriate securities within client investment accounts according to clients objectives, time-frames and risk tolerances. Due to the forward looking nature of securities, there is no assurance that goals will be reached or strategies effective. Accounts may gain or lose value. Not Bank Guaranteed. For complete disclosure regarding MWM, please carefully read our Form ADV-Part 2 and CRS.