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Primarily being a fee based Registered Investment Advisor, many of the conflicts of interest associated with working with commissioned financial representatives becomes a non issue. This is primarily because the fees we charge are based on a percentage of the assets under management, on an annual basis. This aligns the interests of both the Advisor and the client, in that accounts which decline in value are in neither's best interest. This does not mean that accounts will not decrease in value from time to time, as is normal with securities accounts, but it is in the best interest over the long run for values to increase for both advisor and client. An example is 2% charged on a $100,000 account would result in a fee of $2000 for the year. If the same account rises to $200,000 the fee then becomes $4,000 but the clients assets are now significantly higher. Conversely if the same account decreases to $50,000 then the fee also decreases to $1,000 . This fee structure aligns the interests of both the client and Advisor.

We are also licensed for select insurance products which do ordinarily have sales commissions. At times we may recommend insurance products such as Long Term Care insurance or Hybrid LTC policies which we believe are part of a well-defined financial plan. We may propose policies with certain sales charges from selected insurance carriers that we deem are appropriate, while other carriers may offer better pricing.

Please request and review our Forms ADV Part 2 and CRS for complete information on fees including the range for different objectives and breakpoints, and other explanations and conflicts of interests.


Copyright Meadowbrook Wealth Management, LLC • As a Registered Investment Advisor, Meadowbrook Wealth Management, LLC aims to align appropriate securities within client investment accounts according to clients objectives, time-frames and risk tolerances. Due to the forward looking nature of securities, there is no assurance that goals will be reached or strategies effective. Accounts may gain or lose value. Not Bank Guaranteed. For complete disclosure regarding MWM, please carefully read our Form ADV-Part 2 and CRS.